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LEAD the WAY & set your G.P.S. for real SUCCESS

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W.O.R.K. ( Wild Opportunity to Re-produce Ka$h ) To Upgrade your Visibility, Credibility & Productivity

W.O.R.K. ( Wild Opportunity to Re-produce Ka$h ) To Upgrade your Visibility, Credibility & Productivity;

Enquire about our 8 wk Online INTENSIVE for Success Driven women to set your G.P.S. for real success.

you were built to make an impact and look for refreshing ways to be discovered!

you’re not truly comfortable with sales and asking for the money, and your leaving profit on the table but not sure what to do?

you admire the level that other businesses reach and your finally ready to learn the absolute power of systems

you know that leadership mindset matters both at work and at home and there’s room for more mastery of your thought life.

Are YOU are ready for transformation & committed to results.

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L.I.F.E. Strategy Session

L.I.F.E. Strategy Session;

Congratulations for saying YES to YOU
The real question is….are you ready for both Fulfilment & Balance in your life & your work as well as success ?

It’s Time to decide
It’s Time to invest yourself wisely in what really matter…YOU
Our session is an innovative process that gets you to your results.
Do you want to know…

How to leverage your time & overcome your obstacles?
Why you find yourself frustrated and overwhelmed?
The steps to double the money in your wallet in under 8 weeks.
How to stimulate your partnership or experience the relationship you deserve?
How to walk into a room and believe everyone likes you?
Where to find constant peace without stress or worry?

These are just some of the immediate benefits of our session together.

One on One Coaching with your LIFE WORK BALANCE Coach Pru Marie, will show you how to produce Success in all areas of your life & turn around what stresses you to serve you or to finally let it go and receive absolute immediate change!!

Curious? Then please don’t call me if your merely curious.
Rather be committed to the changes you say you want and then I can guarantee you your desired outcomes.

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B.A.L.A.N.C.E. Inner Circle RETREATS

B.A.L.A.N.C.E. Inner Circle RETREATS;

MY GAP YEAR is a unique opportunity to spend 12 months with Pru Marie in her elite Retreat Program.
ONLY brave & willing woman who are ready to take off their limits and make a real impact as driven by success in all areas of their lives.

To qualify to work directly with Pru Marie begins with a conversation to see if we are a match. All that matter is that you find the guide and the roadmap to release your full potential and take your life & work to the next level in 2018.

MY GAP YEAR, is a prestigious experience to Enthuse, Encourage & Equip YOU to live by consent. There are under 20 places made available each year, so if your even a little bit curious, give me a call because this is not the time to hesitate.

Application ONLY for LIMITED PLACES - because ordinary women deserve extra ordinary retreats. Book an interview session NOW

(30 minutes)